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This podcast is a warm embrace, soothing realness, and conscious girl talk. Black Girl In Om exists to hold and heal black women and women of color around the world on their unique wellness journeys, mending us from the inside out. Come into conversation with our founder, Lauren Ash and wellness and Spirit-centered guests across various industries to talk all things self-care and self-love, spiritual awakening, intergenerational healing, and more.

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    #64 Integrating Sensuality, Spirituality, and Sexuality with Lyvonne “Pastor Bae” Briggs

    Lyvonne “Pastor Bae” Briggs is a body and sex positive pastor and preacher, spiritual life coach, transformational speaker, and founder of The Proverbial Experience, an IG Live series of spiritual gatherings to nourish your soul. She is committed to centering the experiences of Black women in her work of rooting spiritual practice in pleasure and authentic empowerment rather than in shame. In this episode of the Black Girl in Om (BGIO) Podcast, BGIO founder Lauren Ash and Lyvonne Briggs join in a joyful conversation around reclamation of our sexual agency as daughters of the African diaspora and women of color. As Pastor Bae says herself, “I’m not your mama’s preacher. Praise the Lord!”

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    #63 Freeing Up Our Bodies with Our Voice with Gina Breedlove

    Gina Breedlove is a sound healer, a vocalist, a composer and a medicine woman. She is committed to the liberation of us, one body at a time. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om (BGIO) podcast, BGIO Founder Lauren Ash and Gina Breedlove join in conversation and discuss the power of voice and listening as a radical act. They poetically weave us through history and the source of our healing--our roots.

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    #62 Creativity as a Spiritual Practice with Chetna Mehta

    In this episode, Black Girl in Om Founder Lauren Ash explores the belief of creativity as a spiritual practice with mystic and mixed media artist, Chetna Mehta, creator of @mosaiceye. Through the lens of wisdom she has gained from lived experience and studying psychology, Chetna explains how practicing self-compassion can not only expand our capacity to connect with others, but also opens the floodgates of our divine creativity. Chetna encourages us to connect to and lean on our spiritual support system as a way to cultivate a deeper relationship with ourselves and subsequently the world around us. She offers decolonizing our relationship to creativity as a soothing balm to comparison mind and creativity as a gift for our inner child. Chetna believes that “our capacity to feel the “darker”, more uncomfortable emotions informs our capacity to feel the other spectrum of emotions. They play into each other and there’s wisdom in both.”

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    Healing Power of Sleep minisode

    Plumps pillows Sis, when’s the last time you invested in making your sleep ritualistic? Given the nature of the intensity that has been 2020, we hope that you can end this year on an intentionally regenerative note with us and consider how to enter 2021 more supported than ever. Because truly: #YouDeserve.

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    #61 Affirming, Approaching, and Allowing Abundance: Accept The Calling with Rha Goddess

    We are buzzing with excitement because the number of vital life lessons shared in this conversation are too abundant to count. Listen in to experience the powerful (un)learning, necessary affirmation, and bountiful wisdom shared between Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash and the transcendent spirit that is Rha Goddess. As the Founder and CEO of Move The Crowd [], Rha inspires the entrepreneurs she’s worked with for decades to redefine their relationship to work and success. With the release of her book, The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good [], she is bringing that wisdom to us all, a point made clear in this poignant conversation.

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    #60 Dive into the Mystery Heart First with Mariam Mouna

    Mariam Mouna Guessous, Founder of I See You Wellness, is giving us the real life hacks—an Ikea Pinterest board could never.

    Join Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om Founder, as she talks all things adventure with Mariam. Learn how to say yes to your soul-self by diving into the mystery when you follow your heart. Mar shares her story of breaking out of a corporate box as an NYC award-winning advertiser who said “f*ck it” to answer the calling to be herself. To be, that is our only mission.

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    #59 Embody Your Power At Your Pace: An Invitation To Vibrate Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

    Press play to immerse yourself in this conversation that truly feels like a breath of fresh air. In this moment of sisterhood, Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash is joined by the one and only Lalah Delia. In what can be considered a continuation of her first BGIO podcast moment [], Lalah is here to keep us all on the path to vibrate higher daily and alchemize our own lives. Since we last spoke, Lalah has created a whole entire book [] that encompasses the lessons, the learnings, the blessings, and the challenges she faced in the journey to the miraculous life she lives today.

    If you’re reading this, consider this an invitation for you to invite a new way of living and being into your daily existence, from your relationships to your purpose. You’re here because you’re ready to own your narrative. You’re here because you’re ready to step into your power. You’re here because you’re ready. You’re ready in all the ways to breathe new life into your most authentic and highest self. Let Lalah and Lauren guide you through with this purposeful discussion on their journeys to all they are and hope to be and call in the same intentionality for yourself. It’s time, boo. You’re ready.

    In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

    • The process Lalah went through to get to the place she’s at now — the author of a bestselling published book, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power
    • The spiritual traditions and ritualistic living that Lalah draws from for inspiration as she defines her path to her highest and whole self
    • Some of the insights and explorations described in detail within the book
    • How the power of community plays a role in the healing process
    • Writers, leaders, and spiritual guides Lalah has called on at different points in her journey
    • Why it’s crucial to set yourself up with practices and rituals that serve you
    • Ways your space — both immediate and distant — can activate or limit you
    • The “Divine Disruption” that Lauren experienced, and the spiritual breadcrumbs she received from her Grandmother, to make a big leap and move from a place of faith and inner knowing
    • One empowering ritual you can start using today to clear energetic space in your life
    • The impact Lalah’s healing had on her mindset around motherhood
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    #58 Homecoming: A Spiritual Return

    We are back and we’re better, people, like that Bryson Tiller quote. Season 5 of the Black Girl In Om podcast is cultivating energetic and spiritual conversations that speak to deeper aspects of our healing journeys as black womxn and as multifaceted spiritual beings.

    At this moment in human history, in global history, BGIO is honing in on the value of vulnerability. Our founder, Lauren Ash, opens episode one acknowledging the generative nature of sharing her story as a catalyst for healing, for awakening, and for connection.

    It begins with a birthday in Barbados. As we’re soothed by the transient visuals of turquoise tropics, beauty, and Oshun energy, Lauren’s story transports us to a place where clarity reigns and imagination meets intention. Listen as she walks us through her return to self and her return home, physically and spiritually, by being crystal clear on what she needs. What is deserved. Every single moment that we breathe, we have access to every single thing that we need.

    When you’re clear on what you need, you’re signaling to God, you’re signaling to the Universe, you’re signaling to all of your guides in life, and to your highest self, that you’re willing to receive just that. If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be unconditionally loved and supported, this episode tangibly defines it. Get into it.

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    Wholeness is where it’s at: The Circle is LIVE and welcomes every part of you!

    Black Girl In Om (BGIO) is beyond grateful to launch The Circle, our monthly membership experience. Listen as our founder, Lauren Ash, does what BGIO does best: sets the intention and tells the story that led BGIO to offer this phenomenal members-only, digital community for black womxn and womxn of color around the world.

    Consider how you first heard about Black Girl In Om. Maybe you were looking for community, hoping to see yourself in the wellness space. Or your girl came in clutch when she DM’d you with an invite to a BGIO event that your spirit needed. Wherever you find yourself on this journey, we welcome you, we affirm you, and we acknowledge your presence.

    The Circle is a sacred meeting place, where our global collective can come together to focus on connecting the dots between healing and wholeness.

    In this minisode, Lauren soothingly dares you to shift your perspective. Ask yourself, have you been consciously or unconsciously navigating with only this narrative that trauma is the script for you or your family? We’re working against that in The Circle.

    We know that these days, we’re not short on unprecedented times. This moment in history has felt and feels chaotic, yet it is also a divine opportunity to grow, to heal, and an invitation to deepen into self unlike ever before.

    Through the development of this monthly rotating wellness curriculum, The Circle opens up a world of healing and possibility through guidance on how to center wholeness in everyday life. All parts of you are valuable. All parts of you, all parts of us, are welcome to come. Tap in to hear Lauren highlight the ways that The Circle members will grow as a result of their participation. We invite you to join The Circle to begin or continue your path to whole, visit for more details and enrollment.

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