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This podcast is a warm embrace, soothing realness, and conscious girl talk. Black Girl In Om exists to hold and heal black women and women of color around the world on their unique wellness journeys, mending us from the inside out. Come into conversation with our founder, Lauren Ash and wellness and Spirit-centered guests across various industries to talk all things self-care and self-love, spiritual awakening, intergenerational healing, and more.

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    #65 Embracing The Black Velvet Of The Void With Jas The Moon Mother

    Jas The Moon Mother guides people to retrieve their liberation and align with their soul’s purpose. She utilizes the tools of Human Design and intentional language to interrupt looping lies that can keep us trapped in cycles of burnout. In this episode of the Black Girl in Om (BGIO) Podcast, Jas joins BGIO founder Lauren in conversation around identifying as God and bringing radical presence to each moment. Jas shares that we are all here to embody and deliver a divine message unique to only ourselves. She encourages us to tap into patience in the process of defining and working toward the “why” at the heart of our mission. While the inevitable nothingness of uncertainty can be intimidating, there is no need to fear the fruitful black velvet of the void.

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    #64 Integrating Sensuality, Spirituality, and Sexuality with Lyvonne “Pastor Bae” Briggs

    Lyvonne “Pastor Bae” Briggs is a body and sex positive pastor and preacher, spiritual life coach, transformational speaker, and founder of The Proverbial Experience, an IG Live series of spiritual gatherings to nourish your soul. She is committed to centering the experiences of Black women in her work of rooting spiritual practice in pleasure and authentic empowerment rather than in shame. In this episode of the Black Girl in Om (BGIO) Podcast, BGIO founder Lauren Ash and Lyvonne Briggs join in a joyful conversation around reclamation of our sexual agency as daughters of the African diaspora and women of color. As Pastor Bae says herself, “I’m not your mama’s preacher. Praise the Lord!”

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    #63 Freeing Up Our Bodies with Our Voice with Gina Breedlove

    Gina Breedlove is a sound healer, a vocalist, a composer and a medicine woman. She is committed to the liberation of us, one body at a time. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om (BGIO) podcast, BGIO Founder Lauren Ash and Gina Breedlove join in conversation and discuss the power of voice and listening as a radical act. They poetically weave us through history and the source of our healing--our roots.

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    #62 Creativity as a Spiritual Practice with Chetna Mehta

    In this episode, Black Girl in Om Founder Lauren Ash explores the belief of creativity as a spiritual practice with mystic and mixed media artist, Chetna Mehta, creator of @mosaiceye. Through the lens of wisdom she has gained from lived experience and studying psychology, Chetna explains how practicing self-compassion can not only expand our capacity to connect with others, but also opens the floodgates of our divine creativity. Chetna encourages us to connect to and lean on our spiritual support system as a way to cultivate a deeper relationship with ourselves and subsequently the world around us. She offers decolonizing our relationship to creativity as a soothing balm to comparison mind and creativity as a gift for our inner child. Chetna believes that “our capacity to feel the “darker”, more uncomfortable emotions informs our capacity to feel the other spectrum of emotions. They play into each other and there’s wisdom in both.”

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    Healing Power of Sleep minisode

    Plumps pillows Sis, when’s the last time you invested in making your sleep ritualistic? Given the nature of the intensity that has been 2020, we hope that you can end this year on an intentionally regenerative note with us and consider how to enter 2021 more supported than ever. Because truly: #YouDeserve.

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    #61 Affirming, Approaching, and Allowing Abundance: Accept The Calling with Rha Goddess

    We are buzzing with excitement because the number of vital life lessons shared in this conversation are too abundant to count. Listen in to experience the powerful (un)learning, necessary affirmation, and bountiful wisdom shared between Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash and the transcendent spirit that is Rha Goddess. As the Founder and CEO of Move The Crowd [], Rha inspires the entrepreneurs she’s worked with for decades to redefine their relationship to work and success. With the release of her book, The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good [], she is bringing that wisdom to us all, a point made clear in this poignant conversation.

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    #60 Dive into the Mystery Heart First with Mariam Mouna

    Mariam Mouna Guessous, Founder of I See You Wellness, is giving us the real life hacks—an Ikea Pinterest board could never.

    Join Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om Founder, as she talks all things adventure with Mariam. Learn how to say yes to your soul-self by diving into the mystery when you follow your heart. Mar shares her story of breaking out of a corporate box as an NYC award-winning advertiser who said “f*ck it” to answer the calling to be herself. To be, that is our only mission.

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    #59 Embody Your Power At Your Pace: An Invitation To Vibrate Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

    Press play to immerse yourself in this conversation that truly feels like a breath of fresh air. In this moment of sisterhood, Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash is joined by the one and only Lalah Delia. In what can be considered a continuation of her first BGIO podcast moment [], Lalah is here to keep us all on the path to vibrate higher daily and alchemize our own lives. Since we last spoke, Lalah has created a whole entire book [] that encompasses the lessons, the learnings, the blessings, and the challenges she faced in the journey to the miraculous life she lives today.

    If you’re reading this, consider this an invitation for you to invite a new way of living and being into your daily existence, from your relationships to your purpose. You’re here because you’re ready to own your narrative. You’re here because you’re ready to step into your power. You’re here because you’re ready. You’re ready in all the ways to breathe new life into your most authentic and highest self. Let Lalah and Lauren guide you through with this purposeful discussion on their journeys to all they are and hope to be and call in the same intentionality for yourself. It’s time, boo. You’re ready.

    In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

    • The process Lalah went through to get to the place she’s at now — the author of a bestselling published book, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power
    • The spiritual traditions and ritualistic living that Lalah draws from for inspiration as she defines her path to her highest and whole self
    • Some of the insights and explorations described in detail within the book
    • How the power of community plays a role in the healing process
    • Writers, leaders, and spiritual guides Lalah has called on at different points in her journey
    • Why it’s crucial to set yourself up with practices and rituals that serve you
    • Ways your space — both immediate and distant — can activate or limit you
    • The “Divine Disruption” that Lauren experienced, and the spiritual breadcrumbs she received from her Grandmother, to make a big leap and move from a place of faith and inner knowing
    • One empowering ritual you can start using today to clear energetic space in your life
    • The impact Lalah’s healing had on her mindset around motherhood
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    #58 Homecoming: A Spiritual Return

    We are back and we’re better, people, like that Bryson Tiller quote. Season 5 of the Black Girl In Om podcast is cultivating energetic and spiritual conversations that speak to deeper aspects of our healing journeys as black womxn and as multifaceted spiritual beings.

    At this moment in human history, in global history, BGIO is honing in on the value of vulnerability. Our founder, Lauren Ash, opens episode one acknowledging the generative nature of sharing her story as a catalyst for healing, for awakening, and for connection.

    It begins with a birthday in Barbados. As we’re soothed by the transient visuals of turquoise tropics, beauty, and Oshun energy, Lauren’s story transports us to a place where clarity reigns and imagination meets intention. Listen as she walks us through her return to self and her return home, physically and spiritually, by being crystal clear on what she needs. What is deserved. Every single moment that we breathe, we have access to every single thing that we need.

    When you’re clear on what you need, you’re signaling to God, you’re signaling to the Universe, you’re signaling to all of your guides in life, and to your highest self, that you’re willing to receive just that. If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be unconditionally loved and supported, this episode tangibly defines it. Get into it.

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    Wholeness is where it’s at: The Circle is LIVE and welcomes every part of you!

    Black Girl In Om (BGIO) is beyond grateful to launch The Circle, our monthly membership experience. Listen as our founder, Lauren Ash, does what BGIO does best: sets the intention and tells the story that led BGIO to offer this phenomenal members-only, digital community for black womxn and womxn of color around the world.

    Consider how you first heard about Black Girl In Om. Maybe you were looking for community, hoping to see yourself in the wellness space. Or your girl came in clutch when she DM’d you with an invite to a BGIO event that your spirit needed. Wherever you find yourself on this journey, we welcome you, we affirm you, and we acknowledge your presence.

    The Circle is a sacred meeting place, where our global collective can come together to focus on connecting the dots between healing and wholeness.

    In this minisode, Lauren soothingly dares you to shift your perspective. Ask yourself, have you been consciously or unconsciously navigating with only this narrative that trauma is the script for you or your family? We’re working against that in The Circle.

    We know that these days, we’re not short on unprecedented times. This moment in history has felt and feels chaotic, yet it is also a divine opportunity to grow, to heal, and an invitation to deepen into self unlike ever before.

    Through the development of this monthly rotating wellness curriculum, The Circle opens up a world of healing and possibility through guidance on how to center wholeness in everyday life. All parts of you are valuable. All parts of you, all parts of us, are welcome to come. Tap in to hear Lauren highlight the ways that The Circle members will grow as a result of their participation. We invite you to join The Circle to begin or continue your path to whole, visit for more details and enrollment.

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    Affirming words—and our affirming new sister circle for you.

    Take a brief moment to close your eyes, breathe, and affirm with us that in this moment you have everything you need to get through. Our founder Lauren Ash offers a calming moment within what may be a storm for many of us right now. And, then, she offers an exciting announcement about something our team has been creating with love for our community.

    This week, Black Girl In Om officially introduces The Circle—a new digital sister circle for our global community. This month in our five-week journey, we invite 250 black women and women of color to join us in leaning into the unlimited growth opportunities, spiritual awakenings, and community support possibilities that this unprecedented moment in history affords us.

    Get more details and enroll in the beta experience of The Circle here before we reach capacity:

    We understand that this is a time of financial uncertainty for many, so please apply to our community scholarship here by April 20th and encourage a sisterfriend that you believe would benefit from the 35-day journey we have in store:

    Eager to support our mission and our community? We welcome your generosity here: 10% of all gifts at this time support the creation of more community scholarships for The Circle.

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    This year, say yes to the unfolding with our love, Danielle Lyles Barton.

    The darling Danielle Lyles Barton is back on the podcast to chat about the incredible journey she's taken since we last spoke in this special "minisode". Listen along as she and BGIO Founder, Lauren Ash chat through the evolutions that have birthed the incredible experience that is the unfolding. In this four day, immersive experience you’ll find so much:

    Truth. Healing. Stillness. Sisterhood.

    And that’s just a sampling of all the blessings on the way when you choose to show up for you. Press play on this episode to get all the details, including a special opportunity just for our listeners, and start your application to join today:

    We hope this episode and this invitation serves you well, love. If you feel called to it, follow your intuition and trust that your unfolding is on the other side of this beautiful experience.

    If you’d like to know more about Danielle, check out her full bio here: and follow her on Instagram @daniellelylesbarton

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    This weekend, join (and support!) the body: a home for love for their #mybodymyhome LA experience.

    In this "minisode" our beloved sisterfriend Deun Ivory returns to the Black Girl In Om podcast to chat with Lauren Ash about what she is cultivating within her 501c3 (it's official, ya'll!) nonprofit organization the body: a home for love. For our Los Angeles loves, this Sunday, March 1st Deun and her team present an experiential fundraising activation featuring a series of wellness programs and art installations for black women. With a 2020 goal to raise $100k to support survivors in their healing journey through a day retreat tour, pop-up gatherings, and an interactive coffee table book, we encourage our community to get involved and support, so head to to learn more and donate.

    Get more details about Sunday and RSVP today:

    Follow along Deun's phenomenal new chapter and journey on Instagram at @thebodyahomeforlove

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    Creating Space To Expand: A Moment of Reflection and Meditation with Lauren Ash

    Happy New Moon, loves! We know many of you are still getting your lives from The Expansion Series and we have another treat from this tour to serve your journey to expansion. In this recording, live from the Los Angeles stop of The Expansion Tour, BGIO Founder, Lauren Ash shares a moving testimony on the expansive power of pleasure, connecting with our bodies, and reclaiming the idea of being home within our bodies.

    Get the full show notes here: And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    #57. Creating Space To Expand: A Conversation with Karlene Graham Perry

    In today's continued conversation from the DC stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour, we are joined by Karlene Graham Perry, a force of love and manifestation in all the ways. With a chat on love, evolution, intentional actions, and so much more, this is exactly the conversation to settle with as you finish your year. We hope you love it and we'll see you next year for even more beautiful moments to come!

    Get the full show notes here: And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    #56. Creating Space to Expand: A Live Conversation with Alexandria Eregbu

    Our fourth installation in the Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour podcast series is here with special guest Alexandria Eregbu. We had the best time diving deep into the meaning of "home", flowing with our internal rhythm, and creating what we need for ourselves.

    Enjoy as we dive deep into this nourishing conversation for the soul with Alexandria from the Chicago stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour.

    Get the full show notes here: And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    #55. Creating Space To Expand: A Live Conversation with Rachel Cargle

    We're excited to share another beautiful moment from The Expansion Tour with y'all today. Prep your listening ears for some seriously stellar sister time with the absolutely beautiful and brilliant Rachel Cargle.

    Immerse yourself in this conversation on seeking softness, defining “enough” for ourselves, creating space for ease, abundance, opportunity, and so much more from the New York stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour.

    Get the full show notes here: And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    #54. Creating Space To Expand: A Live Conversation with Erica Chidi-Cohen

    In the next installment from The Expansion Tour this fall, we have a conversation full to the brim with gems, quotables, and moments that make you think, laugh, cry, and everything in between.

    We're getting into all of it with the genius, giver, and truly rich gift that is Erica Chidi-Cohen. Get your life from this conversation on finding a deeper level of self-awareness + self-love, examinations of our pain + trauma, sexual liberation, and more recorded live from the Los Angeles stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour.

    Get the full show notes here: And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    #53. Creating Space To Expand: A Live Conversation with Deun Ivory

    We're closing out this year with the expansive conversations from this fall’s first ever BGIO Expansion Tour!

    First up? The incredible, incomparable, and inimitable Deun Ivory. Enjoy this conversation on walking in alignment, finding + following your ministry, her incredible journey to where she is today, and more recorded live from the San Francisco stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour.

    Get the full show notes here: And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    Join us for a full day of wellness this November!

    Our annual celebration of Black Girl In Om is here, y'all! To celebrate year five, we are so excited to announce The Annual, an elevated experience for women of color to practice holistic well-being. In partnership with The Assembly, we've created this immersive full day event to release what no longer serves you, receive all that's meant for you, and remember your divine ability to breathe easy.

    Get all the info on what we have planned, how you can join us, and save your spot right here:

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    #51. Perfect, Whole, Complete: Connecting Curiosity And Conscious Communication with Dr. Crystal Jones

    You are perfect. You are whole. You are complete.

    All the thanks to the incomparable and absolutely incredible Dr. Crystal Jones for gifting us with that truth to forever hold onto. Throughout this conversation, Crystal reminds us that we are and always have been everything we most desire.

    Get the full show notes here:

    And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    #48. Documenting and Defining: Determine Your Story with Rikkí Wright

    Through her words, her work, and her presence, Rikkí Wright is creating a legacy that will live on forever. As a modern-day storyteller, Rikkí demonstrates the beauty, the power, the vulnerability, and the stories of Black women through the unique perspective of her lens.

    Get the full show notes here:

    And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

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    #47. Cultivating Connection Creatively with Morgan Harper Nichols

    Connection is at the heart of our lives as human beings and in this podcast conversation, Morgan Harper Nichols is sharing more on what that means to her.

    Get the full show notes here:

    And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates:

    (We're releasing this episode a little earlier than our usual schedule, but we know you're gonna love it. Consider it our gift to help you flourish through the final moments of Mercury retrograde and as we approach the new moon.)

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    #46. Ignite Intentionally: A Cannabis Conversation with DeJanae Evins

    As much as we love a huge green salad, smoothie, or juice, we’re discussing going green in a whole new way today. In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory sit down with DeJanae Evins, an expert on cannabis, wellness, and their various intersections.

    Get the full show notes here:

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    #40. Salud To Season Three: The Finale with Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory

    This honest and open conversation between Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory serves as a reminder that the direction of your life is always in your power. Our leading ladies are reflecting on their current paths to greatness and we are feeling oh so inspired as a result. Listen in to get a taste of some of the powerful intentions they set for themselves and hear the affirming wins + places of growth that have come into their lives as a result. Every season finale is a bittersweet occasion because it marks the end of one chapter but the beginning of another. See y’all soon for Season 4 — we’re already counting down the days! In our best Beyoncé voice, salud, salud, salud, salud to all these accomplishments and all that's to come!

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    #39. Activating Awareness with Liana Naima

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory share space, lessons, blessings, and laughs with Liana Naima, a reiki practitioner, voice alchemist, dreamwork facilitator, spiritual guide, and beloved member of our Black Girl In Om Tribe. In essence, Liana helps those who seek her guidance uncover, restore, and live fully as their higher self, an ability she became aware of when she surrendered to her own truth. We KNOW this episode is going to touch lives, a gift Liana bestows with her radiant presence and meaningful work. Listen in for a preview into the wonderful world of wellness Liana inhabits! This conversation encompasses so many different topics, but they all comes back to a central theme: awareness and honesty in your relationship to self. Press play and get inspired to live your best life today.

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    #38. A Celebration of Life with Randi Gloss

    Are y’all ready for this? From start to finish, this episode explores some very important topics as it relates to our experiences as black people in America. Join Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory in a powerful conversation with Randi Gloss, a social entrepreneur, activist and founder of GLOSSRAGS, wearable activism sporting critically crafted designs that are a catalyst for social activism and discourse. In this episode, we begin to peel back the layers to some of the most trying issues that are facing communities of color in today’s social climate. Randi breaks down the evolution of the word “woke”, the many facets of activism, how her work helps to celebrate life and the ways in which mindfulness helps her to stay balanced doing this critical work. We’re taking woke to a new level with this one.

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    #37. Let's Get Loved Up with Koya Webb

    This conversation has us feeling good, y’all! Everything about it demonstrates the power leading a life of love, for self and others, can make in your relationship to the world. Listen in as Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory are joined by Koya Webb, a holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and true embodiment of all things light + love! In this episode, Koya takes us on the journey she’s had with her yoga practice and the various ways it expands and improves her existence, both physically and spiritually. From the creation of Get Loved Up to the lessons she’s learned off the mat to little moments that led to life lessons, we’re positive all that was shared in this episode won’t just leave you feeling good: you’re gonna feel GREAT! This episode is sponsored by Bright Pink, a nonprofit that saves women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering us to live proactively at a young age. Bright Pink targets the 52 million women between the ages of 18-45, as well as the people who love and influence them. While listening, learn! Text PREVENT to 59227 to Assess Your Risk or visit

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    #36. A Legacy of Love with Candice Kumai

    Join Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory for this chat with “the golden girl of wellness,” Candice Kumai. In this episode, these marvelous women explore the work they do with an appreciation for our ancestors, an awareness of the present, and an attentiveness to future generations. Listen in as they journey through their stories of self and those that inspire them with lots of laughs, life lessons, and love along the way. And when we say love, we mean it! There is so much genuine adoration and affirmation all up + through this episode. When you’re done listening, we hope you’ll feel inspired to take a moment to appreciate the incredible women in your life!

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    #35. Womb Wisdom: Healing From the Inside Out with Danielle Lyles Barton

    In this episode, we get DEEP. Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory sit down with yogi Danielle Lyles Barton. Continuing our Questions for a Yogi segment, we enter one of our most heartfelt conversations yet. With her powerful and earnest convictions, Danielle Lyles Barton is a wonderful illustration of our Women's History Month theme to honor our duality and the soft, strong woman. Allowing love to guide her path, Danielle Lyles Barton assists women to transform emotional trauma and heartbreak into the manifestation of their life’s dharma, drawing deeply from her own healing experiences and spirituality. What ensues once these three ladies gather in the studio, is a deeply moving and cathartic discussion on healing, philosophy, womanhood and the practice of yoga as a vessel to explore all of those. Listen in, buckle up and take a ride with us as Danielle Lyles Barton guides us through this incredibly powerful journey. Oh, and be prepared to GO THERE.

    This episode is sponsored by Get Loved Up, an inspiring platform rooted in loving yourself, loving others, and loving the planet with self-love, oneness, and eco-friendly living. Founded by Koya Webb, GLU features holistic wellness resources including yoga teacher trainings, vegan nutrition resources, and more!

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    #34. Listening, Learning, and Loving: Journeying To Self with Yaminah Mayo

    Is your wig secure? Keep it on hold because this conversation with Yaminah Mayo a.k.a. Spicy Mayo just might snatch it! In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory delve into the benefits, challenges, and power of listening to ourselves with Yaminah. It may not always be easy, especially for us as Black women, but standing firm in yourself and in your community can help you find the path that’s always been meant for you. We’re manifesting new possibilities and opportunities for ourselves every single day. Hopefully, after listening to this chat, you will too!

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    #33. Higher and Higher: A Lesson in Vibrating Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory chat with writer and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily Lalah Delia. Lalah uses her writing and experiences to create a platform for personal growth, elevation and transformation inspiring others to live more freely in their heart, their mind and their energy by cultivating a lifestyle of higher vibrations. All the good vibes start flowing as these ladies begin to unpack what it means to Vibrate Higher Daily and discuss ways that each of us can start today, wherever we are, on our own path towards deeper connections to ourselves and to the Divine. Let the energy from this talk flow from your headphones or your speaks and into your life and may it guide you to be more mindful in your interactions with yourself and others from this point forward. Message Input

    Message black-girl-in-om

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    #32. Glitter & Bold: Reclaiming Our Beauty with Siraad Dirshe

    Reunited, and it feels so good! In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory welcome Siraad Dirshe back to the show for a second time to discuss all things beauty. As a Beauty Editor at Essence, Siraad’s writing aims to shine a spotlight on women of color and amplify the voices of women in the beauty conversation that might otherwise go unheard. In this powerful conversation, the ladies begin to explore where black women’s place in the beauty industry has been historically, where it is heading, how black women are claiming their space in the modern beauty world and the relationships each of us have with our own beauty. Listen to each of these ladies describe their own experiences with beauty and ask yourself, “How did I come to embrace my beauty”? Tweet us @blackgirlinom or email us at with your answers we will share some of your stories with our community on the next episode! This episode is sponsored by MAKE UP FOREVER, creators of the 100% flawless Ultra HD foundation which comes in 40 shades and creates the perfect canvas for whatever look you’re going for.

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    #31. Demystifying Magic and Intuition with Tatianna Tarot

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory lift the veil on ancient spiritual practices and tarot card reading with intuitive tarot therapist and spiritual wellness practitioner Tatianna Tarot. As an expert in the space of ancient spiritual practices and mystical divine feminine energy, Tatianna explains the practice of Tarot readings. She has explored mysticism and spirituality since childhood and is now a mystic mama helping us demystify the magic and intuition. Tatianna enjoys guiding women of color in cultivating inner peace, self awareness, heightened intuition, and expanded consciousness. Listen to the ways simply exploring all of these things can draw each of us closer to our higher selves and one step closer to our true potential.

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    #30. Intentional Living with Roe of Brown Kids

    In this episode, uncover the beauty of intentional living with Roe! As one half of brownkids, a platform contributing uniquely to the world of minimalism, Roe has been a guiding light for thousands finding their way to living and thriving unapologetically. Listen in as Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory uncover Roe’s transition to this lifestyle, all its benefits, and ways you can do the same! Featuring book references, countless words of wisdom, and tips on how to apply this mindset to your closet, your home, your career, and your life, this is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss. We’re getting our collective lives from all the greatness Roe shared and helped us realize in this conversation. What a perfect way to start the year!

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    #29. Empowerment Through Creative Writing with Britt Julious

    In this episode, get to know Britt Julious, an intersectional writer with an incredible spirit and a deep love for so much of what we celebrate at Black Girl In Om. Britt’s work has been featured in several major publications, examining arts, music, and culture across cities, states, and countries around the world. She recently shared space with the ever-inspiring Solange Knowles (!!!) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and is currently writing a book of essays we’re already looking forward to reading. Listen in as Britt recounts her work, the journey she took to get here, the joys and struggles of Black womanhood, her love for all things music, and everything in between with Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory. After this conversation, we are beyond excited for what comes next from Britt and are confident you will be too!

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    #28. Intuitive Eating with Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory join in conversation with brilliant Registered Dietitians, Wendy and Jess, to talk about one of our favorite topics: FOOD! In addition to counseling sessions with their patients, Wendy and Jess created Food Heaven Made Easy, a creative outlet launched in 2011 to spread the word about nutrition and healthy eating. Uncover the origin story of this incredible platform when you listen today! Plus, get their thoughts on maintaining sustainable eating habits, following your intuition when it comes to food, the impact of dietary education in our communities, and more. Keep a pen nearby — you don’t want to miss the nuggets (food pun intended!) of wisdom and must-have recipes shared in this episode! This episode is sponsored by Golde Turmeric, a brand which creates turmeric blends for inner and outer radiance. Tune into the show to receive an exclusive BGIO discount!

  51. Thumb 1510789562 artwork

    #27. The Glow Gospel with Latham Thomas

    In this episode, we’re blessed with “the glow Gospel”, a crash course in reclaiming our divine feminine energy. Black Girl in Om founder Lauren Ash and art director Deun Ivory sit down with special guest Latham Thomas in an important discussion surrounding the beauty that is womanhood. Latham is an author, doula and wellness maven whose latest book Own Your Glow serves as a roadmap to help women return home to themselves. In sharing about her book, Latham breaks down the restorative processes for connecting to and learning through our ancestral lineage in the midst of everything thrown at us that is meant to disconnect us from our femininity. She stresses the importance for women, especially women of color, to have accessibility to safe spaces and tools such as, Own Your Glow and Black Girl in Om where we can collectively begin to peel back the layers within and realize the truth and light of who we are. Prepare yourself for hand waving, spontaneously shouting “yasss” or “preach”, and ALL the gems you need to feel empowered this week.

  52. Thumb 1509596497 artwork

    #26. Season Three Intro: Catching up with Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory

    Hello, hello. Hey, hello hello. We're back, y'all! In this episode Black Girl in Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory welcome everyone back for season 3. It has been three months since season two ended and the dynamic podcast duo discusses what they've been up to lately. We gain insight into how music impacts both of these beauties and which artists have their attention at the moment. They each share recent life lessons learned about the importance of staying true to yourself and your needs as well as the concept of radical self-acceptance. We also hear about their latest self-care cultivation strategies and recent wins for Deun, Lauren and BGIO. Throughout their conversation, we're reminded that it is both okay and necessary to celebrate your achievements.

  53. Thumb 1501639438 artwork

    #25: Season Two Finale: A Letter to Our Teenage Selves

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory close season two with vulnerability and reflection. Deeply inspired by Solange Knowles’ letter to her teenage self in Teen Vogue, both women share what they would tell their teenage selves. For example, Lauren shares how she has learned to define herself on her own terms, rather than in relationship with someone else and Deun sheds light on how she has learned how to say no. This episode offers encouraging and affirming notes for young black women in particular, but for anyone striving to cultivate self-confidence, healing, and intuition. Stay tuned for season three of the BGIO Podcast scheduled to return in September 2017. Share your ideas for topics, guests, and more via Twitter @blackgirlinom and keep up with all things BGIO on

    This episode is sponsored by Thrive Market, a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to their members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families. Thrive Market's mission is to make healthy living easy, accessible and affordable for everyone. For everyone that signs up to become a member, Thrive Market donates a free membership to a family in need, teacher or veteran. Thrive Market is gifting BGIO listeners with 25% off their first purchase, free shipping, and a free 30 day trial. Visit to sign-up.

  54. Thumb 1500392034 artwork

    #24: Mindfulness 101 with Neuroscientist, Artist, and Meditation Guide Nkechi Njaka

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory explore the question what is mindfulness? with neuroscientist, multi-disciplinary artist and integrated lifestylist Nkechi Njaka. Nkechi has spent the majority of her life investigating the relationship between the brain and the body and has always felt the significance of their integration. For several years, Nkechi worked as a neuroscientist as well as a professional modern dancer and choreographer. Through this work, she discovered that mindfulness and creativity are crucial for sustaining individual and global wellbeing. Both Lauren and Deun have been intentionally cultivating mindfulness practices, have benefited from them, and add their insights to this conversation. This episode offers valuable revelations for anyone interested in starting a mindfulness practice inclusive of mindful meditation, mindful movement, and integrated mindfulness through everyday activities.

    This episode is sponsored by Thrive Market, a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to their members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families. Thrive Market's mission is to make healthy living easy, accessible and affordable for everyone. Thrive Market is gifting BGIO listeners with 25% off their first purchase, free shipping, and a free 30 day trial using code BGIO.

  55. Thumb 1499100900 artwork

    #23: On Being a Healer and On Finding True Wholeness with Dr. Crystal Jones and Tie Simpson (Hippie Heathen)

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory take a deep dive into a conversation on being a healer and finding true wholeness through healing with two Atlanta-based guests and friends: Dr. Crystal Jones, multifaceted healer, and Tie Simpson, yoga and mindfulness instructor. Crystal shares her powerful perspective on how she approaches the healing process and the first thing that she believes all those who are considering becoming a healer should consider. Tie enlightens us about how she embraces a taboo lifestyle and how yoga as a holistic practice has been a fundamental part of her wellness journey as an individual and as a mother. All women offer their thoughts on the most valuable action that black women can do for themselves on their wellness journeys. This episode is a must-listen for any holistic wellness practitioners, for anyone interested in exploring her shadows as much as her light, and anyone looking to recommit to her wellness journey.

  56. Thumb 1497908760 artwork

    #22: Embrace your Narrative, Take Ownership & Remain Patient: A Talk with Lindsey Day of CRWN Mag

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory have a heart-to-heart with their friend Lindsey Day, co-founder of CRWN Magazine. In sharing her journey shaping this beautiful print magazine for black women, Lindsey gets real about the importance of black women’s representation in the editorial field, and shares how this representation contributes to our mental health and self-image. A must-listen for any aspiring or beginning creative entrepreneur, Lindsey offers tips on maintaining perspective, patience, and the urgency of financial sustainability. This conversation is a great prequel to the second issue of CRWN Mag which focuses on Self-Love and features a cover story on Lauren, Deun, and BGIO sisterbrand Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash. Be inspired by all three women’s insights on sisterhood, the creative process, and creating a necessary project or space for marginalized people.

  57. Thumb 1496848957 artwork

    #21: Thriving > Surviving: Preventative Health with Dr. Tiffany Lester

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory chat with Dr. Tiffany Lester, their favorite doctor who takes an integrative approach to health. Dr. Lester takes a holistic approach to wellness as she is additionally trained in acupuncture and nutrition. She encourages all of us to go beyond medicine as the cure-all and to consider preventative approaches. From tips on how to build resilience and effectively manage stress, to healing yourself through food and gut health practices, Dr. Lester addresses listener questions and provides useful advice. At the heart of this conversation, we hope listeners will feel empowered to get to the root causes of health challenges.

  58. Thumb 1495483673 artwork

    #20: On Getting Clear, Staying True with Hey Fran Hey: Being of Service to your Vision and Others without Sacrificing your SELF

    Francheska Medina, lovingly known as Hey Fran Hey, has had to learn to find balance, say no, and discern what’s best for her life just like anyone else. In this episode, BGIO Founder and Creative Director Lauren Ash and BGIO Art Director Deun Ivory chat with lifestyle influencer and fellow wellness podcaster Fran about the power of establishing boundaries, recalibrating your energy, and being intentional about how and what you focus your energies on. Fran gets vulnerable in sharing her personal journey of self-healing from a life-threatening health scare and how listening to her body and reassessing her relationship to work and lifestyle choices ultimately led her toward holistic wellness. This episode is a must-listen for anyone standing at a crossroads in your career, lifestyle, and health, or anyone who needs a reminder about the power of intention and loving, supportive relationships.

  59. Thumb 1494325848 artwork

    #19: "I'm Not Lonely, I'm Alone": Music + Self-Care Musings with Singer-Songwriter Jamila Woods

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory chat with singer-songwriter, poet and Chicago native Jamila Woods. They connect about their self-care practices and the meaning and powerful process behind Jamila's new music video for her single “Holy”. Lauren, Deun, and Jamila also explore why they create for women of color, their collaborative community in Chicago, and Jamila shares her poem “Black Girl Art”.

  60. Thumb 1492475871 artwork

    #18: Five Challenges in Creative Entrepreneurship and How to Overcome Them

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory share five challenges that they have faced in their journeys in becoming creative entrepreneurs and how they have overcome them. From how to stay committed and convicted in your craft to staying present through the lows and highs of working for yourself, Lauren and Deun drop knowledge gained from their own inspiring journeys. This conversation speaks to anyone who is interested in starting their own business, charing their creative work or learning how to stay true to themselves.

    This episode is sponsored by Bantu, a free app which helps you find local hairstylists for kinky, coily, and curly hair. Bantu caters to women with both relaxed/natural hair textures and is available on iPhones and Androids! Download Bantu app today and follow them on Instagram @bantuapp for hairstyle inspiration.

  61. Thumb 1491310026 artwork

    #17: A Chat about Skincare with The Glow Expert: Siraad Dirshe

    In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory talk all things skincare with beauty writer and BGIO contributor Siraad Dirshe. Lauren and Deun ask their pressing skincare questions and the three ladies dive into how to become a beauty writer, the importance of representation in the beauty world, Siraad’s favorite beauty trends, DIY beauty and more! Be sure to continue to follow Siraad's journey on her Instagram page @sdirshe.

  62. Thumb 1490031594 artwork

    #16: Questions for a Yogi #2 with Chelsea Loves Yoga

    In this episode, Black Girl in Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory chat with popular Atlanta based yogi Chelsea Loves Yoga. In this lively conversation, Chelsea shares how she turned to yoga, her passion for working with young women of color, and how she cultivates community through yoga. From studying black female ancestors to evaluating her own wellness practice, listeners will learn how Chelsea dives deep and brings her valuable work full circle. This episode is must-listen for anyone looking to learn more about yoga or deepen their yoga practice! Love this conversation? Follow along Chelsea's journey by following her on Instagram: @ChelseaLovesYoga. If you're ever in Atlanta, check out Chelsea's non-profit Red Clay Yoga.

  63. Thumb 1488856493 artwork

    #15: Catching Up with Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory

    In this episode, the Black Girl In Om podcast officially kicks off Season Two with BGIO Founder and Creative Director Lauren Ash and new BGIO Art Director Deun Ivory sharing what they have been up to lately. From discussing new directions with Black Girl In Om's online publication, to personal creative projects, both ladies give highlights about their lives in this moment. They share insights about how to remain present during times of transition and excitement and also give listeners tips about how to cultivate self-care and balance with a full plate. Lastly, they hint at some exciting guests and topics to come. This episode's sponsor is Piper Wai. Piper Wai is the first naturally powerful, aluminum-free deodorant that uses activated charcoal to absorb wetness and fight odor.

  64. Thumb 1488750862 artwork

    Get Ready for BGIO Season 2

    The Black Girl In Om podcast returns with Season Two featuring new BGIO Art Director Deun Ivory and BGIO Founder and Creative Director Lauren Ash as your co-hosts! This season, expect conversations about mental health, skincare, current issues, music, and, of course, yoga. An amazing line-up of guests join Lauren and Deun this season, including some of today's leading ladies in the wellness and beauty industries. Take a deep breath, open your heart, and get ready for necessary conversations about holistic wellness, self-care, and inner beauty as women of color!

  65. Thumb 1482161828 artwork

    #14: Season One Finale: Community Q&As and an Announcement

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah and special guest Deun Ivory take questions from the Black Girl In Om community in the season one finale of the BGIO Podcast. This lively and candid conversation covers several topics like some of their favorite books, advice on developing a consistent yoga practice, and their go-to self care practices for breaking out of a rut. Zakkiyyah gives a bitter sweet goodbye as she announces her transition out of the BGIO Team and meditates on her two years as Art Director. Look out for new episodes of the podcast in Feburary 2017 hosted by Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory.

  66. Thumb 1481051254 artwork

    #13: Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment 101: A Chat with Tracy G.

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah invite Tracy G., self-proclaimed “edutainer, emotional empowerer, and trillass individual” onto the show. They dive into the power of affirmations, Tracy’s unique origins empowering other women, and Tracy’s approach to her incredibly transparent and inspiring platform and podcast She’s Beauty and the Beast. Nod your head in agreement (and laugh!) with Tracy G., as she candidly and eloquently discusses emotional empowerment, the power of writing affirmations in battling imposter syndrome, how she stumbled (serendipitously) into sharing her once-private audio vision boards, and her suggestions for how we should approach our creative projects. After listening (and relistening) to this powerful episode, learn more about Tracy G. by visiting

  67. Thumb 1480548051 artwork

    #12: Creating from an Authentic Place: A Live Podcast with Deun Ivory

    In this episode, Black Girl in Om goes live for the first time at the first annual Chicago Podcast Festival! Co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah have an illuminating discussion inspired by BGIO's Visual Content Director and special guest Deun Ivory's blog post on comparison stifling creativity. They share their thoughts on avoiding comparison, avoiding burn out in creative entrepreneurship, and remaining authentic no matter what. Listeners will also find a guided meditation by Lauren to end one of their liveliest chats yet.

    Thanks to our episode 012 partner Sir & Madame, a husband & wife owned brand and boutique, dedicated to styling the Urban Sophisticate through its offering of clothing, accessories & apothecary goods. Sir & Madame provided styling for this live episode.

  68. Thumb 1477354411 artwork

    #11: Questions for a Yogi #1, with Karla Huffman

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Nejeebah kick-off a new podcast series, Questions for a Yogi. They introduce the series by chatting with their friend and fellow yogi Karla Huffman, a Chicago-based yoga instructor and Founder of Gypsy Yoga. Lauren and Zakkiyyah pick Karla’s brain and explore her thoughts on the holistic practice of yoga, what inspired Karla’s yoga practice and desire to start teaching yoga. This is a must-listen for any woman of color contemplating yoga as a holistic lifestyle change!

  69. Thumb 1476112472 artwork

    #10: 10 Things We Know for Sure

    Inspired by their birthdays, Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah take this episode to reflect on their truths. They affirm the value in being intentional about acknowledging how life experiences can teach us meaningful lessons and deliver wisdom that can and should impact our life choices moving forward. From Lauren embracing that "good things take time," to Zakkiyyah acknowledging and embracing love from those around her, each co-host shares five truths that they know for sure at this point in their journeys. Listeners will also enjoy learning what Lauren and Zakkiyyah have been up to, and what is on the horizon for the BGIO podcast.

  70. Thumb 1474925151 artwork

    #9: On Loving In Spite of Trauma, with Anisah Ali

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat with Anisah Ali, author of the recently released self-love focused book 'anonymous.' Anisah powerfully shares her years-long journey of intentionally unlearning unhealthy ways of relating with loved ones, including the ways in which writing served as a form of reflection and healing, and how therapy supported her entering into a healthy union with her husband. This episode is a must-listen for women of color who experienced chaos or trauma during childhood. Listeners will enjoy hearing Anisah share two of her poems, and a guided meditation inspired by one of Anisah's poems by Lauren, as well.

  71. Thumb 1471033551 artwork

    #8: Confidence and Self-Definition, with Freddie Harrel

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah have a lively conversation with top UK fashion blogger and confidence consultant Frédérique "Freddie" Harrel. The dynamic stylist and digital strategist vulnerably shares about how her personal history battling racism and depression, combined with her career change and healing of a broken heart, pushed her to start her blog and move towards realizing her passions. Be empowered in hearing these three women discuss tips for radiating confidence everywhere you go.

    Thanks to our episode 008 sponsor Shyp, a shipment service made easy, listeners may also enjoy $10 toward their first "shypment" using the code SHYPCHI10.

  72. Thumb 1471033205 artwork

    #7: Trust and Truth in Sisterhood

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah delve into the deep value of sisterhood among women of color with their special guests and best friends Chelsea and Theo. All four ladies reflect on building the foundation to their respective friendships through a need for a safe space to express, affirm, and love themselves and each other. Listeners will also learn more about Lauren and Zakkiyyah's paths to different cities and chapters in their lives with their sisterfriends by their side.

  73. Thumb 1471033093 artwork

    #6: Living Thoughtfully with Brandie Gilliam

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat with Brandie Gilliam, the Founder of Thoughtfully Magazine. This magazine maven shares her journey in manifesting her wellness magazine and transitioning from being a marketing and branding manager into a full time creative. Brandie talks about the intentional work that goes into being a resource for women of color who want to be mindful of what they put in and on their bodies. Brandie, Lauren, and Zakkiyyah each share how trusting and taking a leap of faith was pivotal for realizing their respective passion projects. Listeners will learn practical tips and tricks to living life more thoughtfully, one step at a time, and will also receive a special, limited discount to the Thoughtfully Magazine online shop.

  74. Thumb 1469120902 artwork

    #5: Womanist is to Feminist as Purple is to Lavender”: Exclusivity in Wellness

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah dive into the politics, theories and specific women who shaped the culture and mission of Black Girl in Om. They chat about the importance of safe spaces that are created and cultivated for and by marginalized groups and, in particular, spaces created and cultivated for and by black women. Lauren and Zakkiyyah discuss womanism, exclusivity and standing firm in convictions that need to be held and conversations that are imperative to have when holding space rooted in womanism.

  75. Thumb 1468535324 artwork

    #4: Manifestation and Mantras, with Brittany Josephina

    In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat with self-proclaimed emotional nudist and empowerment coach Brittany Josephina. Brittany breaks down the power of manifestation, mantras, and intuitive purpose in this highly inspirational episode. All three women affirm the wisdom found in reflecting back to their childhood curiosities and desires in revealing glimpses of their purpose.

  76. Thumb 1467384120 artwork

    #3: Five Challenges on our Self-Care Journeys

    This episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah discuss challenges they face on their respective self-care journeys—including unforgiveness, selfishness, patience, and more. This dialogue comes from a vulnerable place for both of them in the hopes that this conversation will inspire more women of color to open up about the challenges that they face in order to grow.

  77. Thumb 1466369594 artwork

    #2: Veganism: A Chat on How to Adopt this Ethical and Compassionate Lifestyle with Jenné Claiborne

    This episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat about veganism, yoga, and living a life of intention with their first BGIO Podcast guest: their friend Jenné Claiborne, founder of the amazing vegan lifestyle platform Sweet Potato Soul. Jenné shares how, for her, veganism is more than just a diet—it’s a lifestyle rooted in compassion and ethics. Lauren and Zakkiyyah admit some of the challenges they have faced in adopting veganism. Jenné shares how her yoga practice informs veganism (and vice versa) as well as what she eats in a typical day. Listeners inspired by this conversation should join the nearly 50k other vegans (or vegan lifestyle enthusiasts!) who subscribe to Jenné’s inspiring YouTube Channel for practical vegan food and skincare recipes and Jenné’s favorite vegan beauty products!

  78. Thumb 1464911919 artwork

    #1: The Beginnings of Black Girl In Om: With a Side of Meditation and Prince

    This episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah introduce the Black Girl In Om podcast, an extension of their mindful lifestyle brand, global community, and tangible platform for an increasingly marginalized audience around the world. Founder Lauren speaks to the origins of Black Girl In Om, and Art Director Zakkiyyah shares her aesthetic and philosophical investment in their vision of holistic wellness for women of color. Both hosts illuminate the revolutionary, and necessary, aspects of BGIO and share some of their favorite moments of their nearly two year journey with BGIO thus far. In this episode, listeners may also enjoy a mini guided meditation, and learn who Zakkiyyah and Lauren want to take to yoga with them.

  79. Thumb 1464271370 artwork

    Black Girl In Om Teaser

    A sneak peek at what to expect from Black Girl In Om. This show is a bi-­monthly conversation on all things wellness, self­-care and self­-love, hosted by Black Girl In Om Founder and Creative Director Lauren Ash and Art Director Zakkiyyah Najeebah.

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